Become a Punkaste Wtiness

Hello Everybody, my name is Richard Wygand but my soul name is Rirou and the truth is I have been abused by Religion due to my taste of music. Is a very long story, so long that is becoming a book (I hope they don't burn), but the reality is because of that I became an angry and depressive man. Took me 33 years to understand all that and in 2020 I during quarantine, a 40 day walk through the covid-420 I connected the dots and I decided to fight back and organized this non profit organization in a form of a Religion. Who am I kidding? it is a religion and It was all organized based of metal, and punk songs! 

My goal is to raise awareness to mental health, and raise awareness to nemaline myopathy (my son's condition) by doing punk rock songs for kids. Because there is nothing more inclusive then Punk Rock! 

My fight is simple, I want a handshake with the highest priest of the Catholic Church because we all know handshakes are a subtle Fuck you! Yeah, my goal is get face with "the authority" and shake hands. What, you thought I was a prophet? No! I am not that kind of man. I am a punk, one of a kind, pothead and empath. That being said, I want to fight back! Also, I want my money back from all my therapies, wasted years and an international apology to all Rock and Roll lovers!  

Want join the handshake?

This Religion has a mission to destroy Religion itself! Don't you love irony?

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