Inner child revolution

Inner child revolution is the Richard Wygand (Rirou) philosophy used for high performance rather is in sports or in life. This philosophy can never be sold because is entirely intuitive. Sure if has a some scientific evidences, however they were connected through intuition. 

This method is the method I used to lose 100 pounds quit smoking and win triathlon race, and also the method that I used to overcome my fears and traumas, in order to overcome depression. 

Here is the free inner child revolution guide.  

Triathlon plain and simple

Monthly triathlon coaching based on the philosophy e-book triathlon plain and simple. 

In order to maintain quality there are a limit to 13 athletes per season with a minimum commitment of 6 months.  


1 hour conversation for those who are stuck. The best way to describe is like a spiritual reading, something I used with all my athletes, so they could perform their best. 


My methodology is 90% intuitive and because of that it never felt "right" to charge. Therefore my crazy method to the madness is in my YouTube channel. 



Monthly triathlon plain and simple coaching. Minimum of 6 months commitment and only 13 sports per 6 months. Second half of 2021 with 3 spots only available. 


1 hour consult. Consultation is done via Skype, zoom, Facebook messenger or Whatsapp.