When I was about 15 years old I came to my Religious teacher (I studied in a Catholic School) and asked him why I felt more connect when I was surfing or skateboarding and not when I was at Church (we were obligated to attend mass in school). His answers was: "I think you are smoking too much weed!" I was shocked! First because I haven't even tried marijuana on that time, and second all I was looking for was comfort for the emotional issues that I was dealing with. Not satisfied he added: "You are most likely going to hell with your music taste!". I can tell you many stories, but this one was the last drop.

The funny part is until then I didn't even tried marijuana, and I decided to try afterwards. Believe it or not, it was one of my biggest spiritual experience. Bottom line is, Religious or not, you just don't say that to a 15 year old kid. 

What is Rock-it-ology all about?

Rock-it-ology is like a religion, but not like the ones you know (we pay taxes), more like a sarcastic satire version of a Religion with a true message. Bottom line Rock-it-ology is about Art, Science and Vibe.

The art

Art because it is the only thing that change the world since art gives us a different perspective so we can create the new.

The science
Science because we can experience what works and what it does not work and create tools to help our world. However, needs to be science without sponsors.  

The vibe
Life is not about waiting the storm to pass neither about learning how to dance in the rain. Life is realizing your are the storm!

Frequently Asked Questions

What's up with the Joint Saber?

First of all I do believe weed is a huge spiritual experience rather you smoke or eat it. Second weed have lots of benefits for us and the planet. Third have great health benefits. Fourth everything with weed is just funny af. Fifth I am a huge star wars fan since a little kid! So join me and together we can PUNK THE WORLD!

Are you a legit business?

Yes, we operate under The Go Luke Wygand Foundation INC. We are a non profit (not 501c3). In the end of the year we donate our profits to Nemaline Myopathy research and advocacy programs such as ARC.

What we believe in?

In LIFE! We all got something to learn and something to teach, is that simple. We call Life Force. 

What is the mission?

Be the change, raise awareness for mental health (specially Dads) and inclusion.

What is Rock-it-ology philosophy?

Accept your challenges, enjoy every moment, and punk the world.

What is nemaline myopathy?

Nemaline myopathy is a disorder that primarily affects skeletal muscles, which are muscles that the body uses for movement. People with nemaline myopathy have muscle weakness (myopathy). This weakness can difficulty walking, talking, eating and breathing. 

Why Rock?

Well, Rock has been a huge passion of mine, but most important Rock saved me so many times from doing something stupid. I can truly say that rock saved my soul!

Why punk the world?

I grew up listening “voce so faz arte” which in Portuguese means you are a Punk. But not punk in a good way, punk in this case meaning you are worthless. However, is NOT LIKE THAT. Being a punk means you do not put up with crap, you live in the now, and you challenge the status quo.

Is there a bible?

Yes, but is more a guide to health with things I learned fighting my emotional issues, losing 100 pounds, quitting smoking and racing 18 ironmans, and becoming a father. Is called: looking good….Naked! .

Is there a Tithe?

Yes and no. We operate part in donations and sales. There is a Tithe optional but you get a membership. Please check it out how to become a Rock-it-ologist! 

Are there commandments?

Yes, but is more a guide to health with things I learned fighting my emotional issues, losing 100 pounds, quitting smoking, racing 18 ironmans, and becoming a father. Is called: looking good….Naked! .

Why is so offensive?

The idea is not to be offensive, but the idea is to thought provoking. In case you found offensive please don't listen to it, we won't be offended. We might just think you are an asshole (just joking).